Choosing the right country as well as the right university for studying abroad can be a daunting task. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide, making the right choice can be difficult. This choice however will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and ensuring that you choose wisely is critical.

AGEWINDOW has a vast portfolio of partners that provide you opportunities for global education. Our relationships span the globe with special concentration in the EU and our team of professional counsellors helps thousands of aspiring students like you, choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world.

Students using the AGEWINDOW University Admission service will receive a comprehensive package of advice and assistance tailored to their particular needs and requirements. We will be on ground even in your host universities to make your studies an itch free one free of encumbrances faced by students moving to new environment.

You will be carefully guided through the complete study abroad university application process that includes the following key stages, maximising your chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice.

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To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university and course; we will first conduct a comprehensive profiling exercise. Towards this, we will assign a highly professional  admission counsellor who has in-depth knowledge for each student. We will help identify your best matched options.  Based on your academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience, our counsellors will help you choose the right course that addresses your aspirations and goals.


If you aspire to study abroad, it is pertinent to choose the right course. Overseas education does not come cheap, which means you must make an informed choice based on your goals and interest. The Admission Counsellors at AGEWINDOW will shortlist a number of appropriate universities for you after analysing your profile. You can then discuss the shortlisted universities with your family and friends before finalising.


Submitting the right documents is the first step towards ensuring that your student visa is approved. If one or more documents is not in order, your visa application may be rejected leading delay. In some cases, delay can also lead to cancellation of admission. Once you have finalised the university, your documents will be carefully reviewed by AGEWINDOW professional editorial team. Whilst students are responsible for drafting and collating these documents, it is important that our editors review the work to help improve upon the content, grammar, tone and structure. This will ensure that the profile presented to the chosen institutions is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student in the best possible manner.


It is common knowledge that it is impossible to study in any university abroad without a relevant visa.  Our Visa Counselling Services are geared towards helping you submit the right documents to ensure that there is no inadvertent delay or rejection. We will assign you a study abroad Visa Consultant who will provide comprehensive advice relating to the collation of the relevant documentation that you need to submit along with the visa application. Our study abroad Visa Consultant will also guide you through the key aspects of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy.


Once an entry position has been established in the selected university, the subject of residence should be settled immediately. Most Universities have close by student’s residence with stipulated fees, AGEWINDOW also helps the student find alternative choices for the student campus of the University. It gives precise information on costs and benefits, so that the student compares and ultimately chooses, based on the benefits and each person’s financial budget.

The Accommodation Service is offered both through the integrated process and separately to those who have already applied for Universities on their own and need help to immediately find accommodation. They are cost effective options especially for students on low budgets.


Having in mind that the basic problem posed to Prospective Students happens to be the language spoken in various countries in the European union, we make standard language learning arrangements for Prospective student at minor or zero cost to give an ample opportunity for easy learning as well as integrating in their new academic enviroment.