Value Added Services

We offer a range of Value-Added Services in order to enhance the journey of our clients and foster convenience at the doorstep of our students. From pre-departure briefings to tiresome accommodation hunting, we are dedicated to providing the best overall experience and ease the often-time-consuming procedures associated with preparing for studies and we also monitor during and after the studies. Securing your student card can be a tiring and exhausting process in the host country, we are on ground to help with one on one assistance to any challenges.

Pre-Departure Briefing

The AGEWINDOW pre-departure briefing captures a multitude of subjects to be mindful of for a student, to smoothen the adaptation and adjustment period for life at an overseas university. It is an informative and highly interactive briefing where our experienced personnel collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from ourĀ  personal exposure overseas. One of the core objectives of the pre-departure briefing is to provide critical information to process and note carefully in order to deter any untoward issues, especially in the social sense, from occurring and to be aware of what to expect.

Foreign Exchange

We also provide Foreign Exchange solutions through our network base that offers the most competitive exchange rates. Students are advised on the various options available to them for their foreign exchange requirements. Our experience indicates students and parents favour FOREX cards over Travelers Cheques or large sums of cash. We encourage you to seek further information about our partner vendors from our qualified counsellors.

Telecom Services

Cheap and efficient communication is a central element of the global economy today connecting people and enhancing relationships from one end of the globe to another. Conscious of a student’s limited budget, we offer solutions that are both affordable and efficient both for arrival and post-arrival. Our partners provide SIM cards for all countries, ensuring you are instantly connected with your family and friends once abroad.