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Payment issues

Please make sure you fill all required parts of your application correctly if not the application Will not proceed to payments.
Kindly check that you are filling the billing information correctly as being registered on the card.
You might have filled the form and added them to cart more than once. Please go back to your cart and make sure you have just 1 registration fee indicated. If its more than one kindly reduce it to one
Yes, you can pay with your debit or credit card as well as using paypal to make your payment.
Using unathorized card to pay automatically disqualifies your application as well as blacklist you for future payments as well as other applications independent of Agewindow. Applicants are strictly advised to only use personal cards or of authorized relatives.

Admision FAQs

For you to secure admission into any tertiary institution in the EU, you need to be qualified to access such program in your home university. To access undergraduate courses, you need to be studying in a field relevant to the course you want to take at a recognized tertiary institution in your home country, be in your third year and have a CGPA of 2.5 and above. For you to access master’s program, you need to be qualified to access such in your home country. Basically, you need a degree in relevant field with a second class lower and above. Other might be able to take PGD or abridged courses for them to access Masters programs. For PhD programs you need to have your Masters certificate. Please don’t apply directly if you don’t meet up with the above requirements. Kindly contact us using the contact form for clarification if your credentials fall short of what is explained above. For vocational and technical studies, kindly contact us before applying.
At Agewindow, we understand the importance of quality Education at a cost effective price as such the various universities we work with have a tuition fee range of 1000 Euros per semester for Undergraduate studies, 2500-4500 Euros for Masters programs as well as PhD depending on specialization as well as duration of your selected course. For you to be able to apply for student’s visa from your home country, you must have paid half of your tuition fee.
Studying technical and vocational studies entails we go through your credentials as well as what you want to study to see the feasibility before paying for application. Please use the provided form to get across to us for vocational studies.
Application fees are non-refundable as such we advise all prospective applicants to go through the FAQs and make sure they possess the minimum requirement before applying for admission processing.
Most Universities have nearby residential hostels for student that range from 500 to 1000 euros per month, we also have specialists who can help you secure personal or shared accommodations that suits your budgets at no extra cost. Alternative accommodations start from around 200 to 350 Euros per month depending on proximity to your institution and are paid annually.
After paying the application fee, you will be responsible for paying the following fees too. Tuition fee which in most cases you can pay half of it if you desire through us or directly to your university after securing your admission, Accommodation fee which can also be paid directly to the university if using students hostel or paid to any other personal arrangement the prospective students have. It will be paid to us if we are the one directly seeking accommodation for you. Furthermore, all cost related to legalization of documents, medical insurance, translation, visa fee, flight tickets, monthly maintenance fee will be borne directly by the applicant who have the possibility of securing these services themselves or opt for our own cost-effective packages.
Applying through us also comes with a free visa applications guidance that helps through out the process of the application. Once your admission has been confirmed, we will forward the admission acceptance from the university to you to kickstart the visa application process. The challenging aspect of the visa processing is the meticulous Legalization of documents required by all countries in the European union, translation to the language of such countries and in some cases verification of certificates. The process takes time as it must first go through the ministry of Education and foreign or diplomatic affairs of your home country before proceeding to translation and legalizations at various embassies. We will be on hand to assist with all aspect of this process at no extra charge.
After securing your visa the next step is preparing your trip, booking your flight, airport transfer to your hostel, and getting down to your new school. All these processes could be done personally at the same time we have cost effective packages that covers all this process to avoid you emptying your hard-earned savings before the commencement of your program.
The major challenge being faced by new students studying in the European Union is the language barrier. Most of these countries have their own official languages that happens not to be English. We have tailored language programs at theses countries for new students at cost effective rate that offers prospective students the integration orientation they need to adapt to their new study environment.
For you to effectively cope in any European city, you need an average of 200 to 800 Euros monthly maintenance fee depending on your taste and budget. The major part will go to transport and telecommunications and if you are the cooking type feeding is relatively low.
Various universities has detailed explanation on how to go about the students permit, we also have professionals that are readily available on ground to be of assistance.
Students generally have allotted timeframe to work in most European countries with student visas but experience over the years have shown that working and studying at the same time do affect results as such dent the primary aim of studying. We don’t advise prospective students to come with the notion of working though if the opportunity arise, they could. We are working on a situation where your overall expenses will be minimal and affordable so that you can focus on your studies while you are at the various countries.
The sole aim of this program is to help African student broaden their knowledge in a cost-effective manner as such we don’t tolerate any bad behavior. We readily cooperate with law enforcement agencies to fish out, locate and bring to justice anybody with questionable character. We have zero tolerance for fraud as well as other social vices. We will personally beckon on authorities of such countries to investigate and take up cases of such from our applicants.

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